Warranty Information

Non-HAPCO Manufactured Equipment

Non-HAPCO built equipment follows the Warranty Terms of the Equipment Manufacturer. (Typically One Year Parts Only). Some Vendors offer extended warranties or first year labor warranties for purchase. Please call for availability and pricing if interested.

Customer is responsible for payment of freight on all warranty claims.

HAPCO Manufactured Equipment

Warranty Period - 12 months from startup or 18 months from ship date. Warranty coverage is for manufacturing defects only. Failure caused by corrosion due to moisture intrusion is not covered. The warranty covers parts only, no labor or shipping costs to return defective board.

Warranty Procedure

If there is a warranty question
  1. An RMA # must be obtained from HAPCO for any customer who wishes to send their board back to be tested and repaired. When an RMA # is issued  a description of the problem is needed to complete return request. This must be enough information so that the technician understands what the initial problem may be with the board. ("Does   not work" is not sufficient for an RMA description)
  2. The customer is responsible for returning the warranty board and marking the RMA# on the outside of the box. Hatchery Planning can issue a call tag if needed but the shipping costs will be added to the repair cost of the warranty questioned board.
  3. The customer may need to purchase a new spare replacement board during this process to prevent down time while the other board is being sent back for evaluation.
  4. Once the RMA board is returned HAPCO will test and evaluate the condition.
  5. After the condition and repair (if needed) is determined then the customer will be contacted and billing information is discussed and finalized.
If the board is determined to be under warranty then the customer is only responsible for the freight charges.


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