About Us

Quality Through Experience

Hatchery Planning Company is the first engineering and sales firm to have specialized in the design of poultry hatcheries. Founded in the 1950's by brothers Bob and Ralph Allen, the company initially focused on ventilation equipment sales to a few independent hatcheries in the southeastern United States.

With the passing of Bob Allen in the mid 70's, Ralph Allen continued at the helm of the company until his death in 1986.

As its knowledge and clientele expanded, the company began to develop and deploy specialized ventilation and mechanical support systems and designs for the leading commercial U.S. poultry suppliers.

Since that time, Ralph's sons have led the growth and expansion of Hatchery Planning Company. Our projects have grown in both depth and scope.

In the early 90's, we developed our first microprocessor based ventilation control system that revolutionized the industry. This control system included a complete facility software system for monitoring and management.

During the next twenty years, Hatchery Planning Company became the preferred engineering consultant and ventilation equipment supplier for every major player in the domestic poultry hatchery market and ventured into some projects internationally as well.

In 1998, a fabrication division was formed to provide our hatchery automation systems. In 2007, building upon our expertise in control technology, we developed the Titan and Flex Series ventilation and unitary controls to manage and monitor our ventilation, automation, and mechanical systems.

Recent years have seen the development of incubation heat recovery systems and fully integrated mechanical plant controllers. We continue to research and develop the best products, systems, and services for our customers.

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