Hatcher Tray Restacker

Hatcher Tray Restacker
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The Hatchery Planning hatcher tray restacker is constructed of the highest quality materials available. The tray restacker uses linear bearings and pneumatic cylinders to flip, position, and stack clean plastic hatcher trays leaving your tray washer. With this simple design, the Hatchery Planning tray restacker has less moving parts and fewer electrical motors than any other tray restacker in the industry.

The Hatchery Planning tray restacker is connected with an automatic dolly loader to transfer the stacks of clean hatcher trays to the hatcher dolly. Again, using linear bearings and pneumatic cylinders, we gently place each stack of hatcher trays on the dolly ready to be rolled away for storage. With the Hatchery Planning tray restacker, you can manually place the empty dolly or automatically place the empty dolly through a Hatchery Planning dolly washer and dolly conveyor system.

Compare the quality and you will see the difference. Let the team at Hatchery Planning assist you with your chick processing needs.

Standard Features

  •  Capacity Of 900 Trays Per Hour
  •  #304 S.S. Construction
  •  High Quality Thermo- Plastic and Stainless Steel Bearings
  •  Control Panel with Digital Display
  •  User Friendly Keypad Control
  •  Integrated Diagnostic Test Function
  •  Watertight Sensors
  •  Manual or Automatic Dolly Entrance and Exit

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