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One Software for Ventilation, Incubation & Automation

Just one click away from controlling your ventilation, incubation & automation systems... Developed to run in the full range of Microsoft Windows ® Software, HatchNet provides the advantages expected of a Windows software product.

POWER...FLEXIBILTY...EASE OF USE of WINDOWS ® The integration of all facets of the hatchery provide the hatchery management staff an exceptional ability to troubleshoot and streamline the overall hatchery operation.

The HatchNet system provides the hatchery staff with detailed information on building ventilation performance, incubation performance, flock data, outdoor conditions and auxiliary equipment. This information can be overlaid on a graph to determine the cause and affect solutions.

All information from the system is kept in data log files. Simply choose a time period in one section of the program, then move through the program and see all of the building conditions for this same time period.

We encourage our customers to strongly consider the long term benefits of a business relationship with Hatchery Planning Company.

The HatchNet software is completely expandable and it can respond to the changing needs of the hatchery industry.

With over 50 years of experience our team can assist you in developing a quality product at a cost effective price.

The Ease Of Usage in a Windows ® based system is unparalleled. This is why we chose this basis for the control and monitoring software. This system is fully integrated into the Windows ® format and for this reason it is fully multi-tasking.

We know hatchery personnel are not just looking to buy another hatchery software program; they are looking for a program that can be implemented into a usable tool to help the bottom line of their business. Our software system fits your hatchery and so do our people. As we work with you to implement the software, we also work with you in streamlining your overall hatchery process. We are working toward becoming your partner in the hatchery management field.

Most hatcheries are dealing with the problems of multiple control systems within one building. These independent software systems share no information between the systems such as how room temperature affect incubation equipment. These control systems are second rate to the amount of information in a single software program such as HatchNet.

"Customized software for your hatchery"

HatchNet is a registered trademark of Hatchery Planning Company.

Hatchery Planning Company has developed a new hatchery control software that will revolutionize the hatchery industry. This new software is HatchNet which was designed to encompass every facet of the hatchery.

The system will communicate with and control Chick Master, Jamesway and other incubation equipment, Hatchery Planning ventilation control systems, automation equipment and an extensive variety of auxiliary equipment.

HatchNet also monitors a broad range of environmental conditions including chilled water temperatures and outdoor air conditions. The system is also capable of assisting the customer in overall hatchery management.

The maintenance program built into the system acts as a "to do" list each day for the maintenance staff.

"We are committed to building on our reputation as the premier provider of high quality software developed specifically for the Hatchery Environment."


  • Integrated hatchery control software for ventilation, incubation & automation
  • User friendly, Windows ® interface
  • Fits the business, it makes sense
  • Minimal customization
  • Powerful end-user report writing and querying capabilities
  • Our experienced personnel understand your hatchery
  • We partner with you - our future is your future

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