Steam Humidifiers

Steam Humidifiers
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Hatchery Planning is proud to present what we feel is the best and most economical option to Steam Humidity. The GXDDR series Individual Gas-Fired Humidifier offers optimum delivery of Steam Humidity. For many years, the hatchery industry has battled the effects of traditional humidity. Obviously, humidity is a critical factor in the overall environment of the hatchery. Unfortunately, traditional humidity systems create a “Cooling Effect” that can cause temperature and humidity swings. Steam Humidity, on the other hand, does not cause these same problems due to the fact that it is introducing moisture into the air at a high temperature. This will allow your heating units to function more efficiently while maintaining a more consistent temperature and humidity.

Let the team at Hatchery Planning assist you with the humidity choices that can best meet your needs. We can then propose a system that will work best for your hatchery. The service you receive will be unparalleled in the industry and it will continue long after the sale is complete.


Standard Features

  • Fully Integrated Design Offers Complete Steam Humidifier in One Enclosure
  • Natural or Propane Gas
  • 110 to 900 lbs/hr of Steam
  • Modulating Capability Through INTAC Control System
  • Steam Distributor Mounts Directly in the Supply Duct of Existing Rooftop Equipment
  • Control to +- 2% RH
  • Steam Humidity Eliminates the “Cooling Effect” of Traditional Humidifier Products
  • Over 80% Efficiency Rating
  • Minimal Maintenance Through Design With Water Skimmer, Auto-Drain, and Constant Thermal Expansion To Shed Mineral Buildup


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