Bahnson Motor Driven Humidifiers

Bahnson Motor Driven Humidifiers
Bahnson Motor Driven Humidifiers
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Motor Driven Horizontal or 360 Degree Spray Patterns

Hatchery Planning is proud to present the Bahnson humidifiers. These units have been used worldwide in the hatchery industry for many years as a reliable source of humidity. With capacities ranging from 1.5 GPH to 12 GPH the family of Bahnson humidifiers can meet your needs. Most units can be installed by hatchery maintenance personnel. These units can be operated by a Hatchery Planning humidity controller for precise control.

Let the team at Hatchery Planning assist you with the humidity choices that can best meet your needs. We can then propose a system that will work best for your hatchery. The service you receive will be unparalleled in the industry and it will continue long after the sale is complete.

Standard Features

  • Capacities From 1.5 GPH to 12 GPH
  • 120 volt or 220 volt
  • E Style Provides 360 Degree Humidity Spray Pattern
  • Fine Water Droplet Size
  • High Capacity Models for Larger Rooms
  • Easy Installation
  • Long Life
  • Cost Effective Humidity

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