REZNOR Rooftop Furnace

REZNOR Rooftop Furnace
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Rooftop Make-Up Air Furnace L.P. or Natural Gas

Hatchery Planning is proud to present the Reznor rooftop make-up air heating units. These unit have been used for years in the hatchery industry and have proven to be the best choice for the heat and make-up air combination. Reznor has over 105 years of experience in the heating industry.

These units are available in many sizes to meet almost any application. The galvanized cabinet is available with double walled construction for the dirty rooms of the hatchery.

Let the team at Hatchery Planning assist you with the rooftop heating choices that can best meet your needs. We can then propose a system that will work best for your hatchery.

The service you receive will be unparalleled in the industry and it will continue long after the sale is complete.

Standard Features:

  • Galvanized Steel Cabinet With Interlocking Joint Construction
  • Separate Control Compartment
  • 75K - 400K BTU Input
  • 2 Stage Gas Valve
  • Aluminized Steel Heat Exchanger
  • Many CFM Ranges

Optional Features:

  • Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers
  • Modulating Dampers
  • 100 % Fresh Air Hood
  • Double Walled Cabinet

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