Roof and Adapter Curbs

Roof and Adapter Curbs
Roof and Adapter Curbs Roof and Adapter Curbs Roof and Adapter Curbs
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Roof Curbs

Our standard roof curbs are built to use on pre-cast or metal roof decks insulated or non-insulated.  Curbs typically come with mitered corners and fully welded unless otherwise specified. Heavy gauge galvanized steel is used in the construction with a compete wrap around nailer for attachment of roofing material. We can supply a complete line of curbs for small exhaust fans to large HVAC equipment.


Adapter Curbs

We offer a complete line of adapter curbs, designed to transition seamlessly from your existing roof curb to new equipment without penetrating the roof membrane. We can supply adapters ranging in size from 1 to 130 tons. Our curbs allow for quick and cost affective unit replacements. All adapters are fully insulated with customized internal dividers that allow for smooth airflow transition for supply and return airstreams. The custom designed transitions allow for quick installation. Usually the old unit can be removed and the new unit can be set on or curb in as little as 20 minutes. This reduces the impact of unit replacement to the environment of the building as well as reducing labor and crane cost for these jobs.

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