Cincinnati Ducted Exhaust Fans

Cincinnati Ducted Exhaust Fans
Cincinnati Ducted Exhaust Fans
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Tube Axial Duct (5 Models & 14 Sizes)

Hatchery Planning can provide: Technical evaluation for correct performance conditions; Review of air stream and ambient conditions that require special attention; Selection of proper components to meet required design specifications; Selection of proper accessories; System analysis for proper fan design; Fans can operate at variable speed, one speed or two speeds.


Standard Features

  • 12" to 48" Diameter Direct or Belt Driven
  • Use for Paint Spray Booth Exhaust, Duct Booster and General Ventilation
  • Capacities to 44,500 CFM and 1-1/8" SPWG
  • Temperatures up to 375° F
  • Cast Aluminum, Spark Resistant or Steel Propellers

Optional Features

  • Also available in stainless steel or aluminum



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