Chick Box Paper Layer

Chick Box Paper Layer
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The Hatchery Planning chick box paper layer is available to handle the most demanding hatchery processing needs with capacities up to 1,200 chick boxes per hour. The Hatchery Planning paper layer has been built with dual pneumatic lifter heads that pick single sheets of box paper to lay in the chick box beneath them. The newly designed box paper layer rids the hatchery of the bulky and heavy roll paper; anyone can load the Hatchery Planning box paper layer with little effort. The incorporated stack buffer conveyor allows the line to continue running while the operator reloads with new stacks of box paper. Without the cumbersome roll paper and sensitive paper feed rollers, the Hatchery Planning box paper layer practically eliminates chick processing down time associated with typical roll paper units. Using only pneumatic cylinders, the Hatchery Planning chick box paper later has less moving parts than any other paper layer in the industry.


Standard Features

  • Capacities of 1200 Boxes Per Hour
  • Simple Pneumatic Operation
  • #304 S.S. Construction
  • High Quality Stainless Steel Bearings
  • Color Touch Screen Control and Interface
  • Integrated Diagnostic Test Function
  • Watertight Sensors

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