T775 Temperature Controller

T775 Temperature Controller
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Hatchery Planning can provide everything you need to make the conversion from the outdated mercury bulb style controls including the T775 controller and an accurate set of conversion details that make the procedure smooth and simple.

The T775 controller can be installed using the same control wiring used to operate the mercury bulb controllers and can be mounted in or near the existing controller.

As you can see, this conversion is ideal for anyone wanting to upgrade control of temperature without investing a large sum of time and money.

Please contact the sales team at Hatchery Planning Company for more information on the T775 Temperature Control Conversion.

Hatchery Planning offers the T775 Temperature Control Conversion. This conversion provides an inexpensive and accurate way to upgrade from the old-style mercury bulb controllers.

The T775 is a four stage electronic temperature controller that comes complete with an accurate platinum sensor, a touch keypad and a Nema 4X watertight enclosure.

Standard Features

  • Electronic Control Accuracy
  • NEMA 4X Watertight Enclosure
  • Linear Platinum Temperature Sensor
  • LCD Display Indicates Mode and Output Status
  • Touch Keypad for Easy Programming
  • Four Stage Output
  • Wide Temperature Setting Range
  • Heating and Cooling Stages Independently Programmable

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