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Total Environmental Control


The Titan Series Controls actually adjust the control functions based on the distance from the setpoint. For example: if the conditions are farther from the setpoint the incremental change in the control functions will be greater until the setpoint is reached.


The Titan Series controls are the first to offer total room condition step programming. This feature allows the operator to change conditions in the room up to 20 times during a week long period. For example, a manager may choose to automatically increase the room temperature after transfer to help the machines reach temperature quicker and then automatically cool the room down to a lower setpoint during pull times. Then, the de-humidification function can be used to assist in drying the room after clean-up. In addition to temperature and humidity changes, all room and plenum pressures can be step programmed as well. This can assist in the development of more healthy chicks.


Titan Series will control up to four stages of heating and cooling. It will also control De-humidifcation systems. In addition, the Titan Series offers Step Programming Functions for Rooms and Plenums. This can improve performance and chick quality. This is the only controller on the market that offers this function.

A single unit maintains desired room temperature, humidity, and static pressures in both room and plenum areas. An easy to operate color touch screen displays all current conditions and shows which pieces of ventilation equipment are active and in which stage of operation.


The Titan series is the most advanced hatchery ventilation control system available. It offers integrated control of room temperature, humidity and multiple zone pressures and eliminates the need for numerous stand alone devices by providing an all in one solution for H.V.A.C. control. The Titan series can simultaneously control heating and cooling units, humidifiers, modulating dampers, and variable speed exhaust fans in plenums and rooms. When connected to your personal computer via the HatchNet software package, Titan Series controls allow you to track the performance of your overall ventilation system. If you are looking for total environmental control, the Titan Series is for you!

Titan Series controls have built in alarms to help pinpoint ventilation problems. Whenever environmental conditions remain outside the control parameters for a specified period of time, an alarm message appears on the main display. An audible alarm may be connected directly to the output board of the controller as well. Titan Series controls feature alarms for room temperature, room humidity, and multiple zone pressure in rooms and plenum areas.


The Titan series has several advantages over conventional control systems. First, it is capable of performing the functions of several different control devices. In a conventional system, a thermostat maintains temperature while a separate humidistat controls humidity. Controlling room pressure requires another device to actuate motorized dampers in make-up air units. A separate control maintains plenum pressures by increasing or decreasing the speed of the exhaust system. The Titan Series controller combines all of these functions into one unit, saving initial costs on equipment and installation and greatly simplifying the troubleshooting process.

Another advantage of the Titan Series is the way it is installed and wired. The Titan series controller requires only two control wires to each piece of ventilation equipment. This two conductor wiring is daisy chained from piece to piece to allow for a lower cost installation. Most controls systems require up to nine control wires routed to each piece of equipment.


Titan Series Controls feature a modular design that greatly simplify the troubleshooting process. There are only four major components in each unit; a NEMA 4X enclosure, graphic touch screen, microprocessor, and output board. Almost all parts are completely interchangeable between controls. This means maintenance personnel can easily service the unit if necessary. Each of the four components can be replaced within a matter of minutes. No special tools are required.


Solid state electronic sensors provide accurate control input. Multiple temperature sensors may be used to control heating and cooling units in large areas. Solid state humidity sensors accurately detect changes in relative humidity and provide control of humidifiers. A total of three pressure sensors can be installed in each unit. Input from these sensors allows the controller to independently regulate variable speed fans and modulating dampers in both room and plenum areas.

  • Temperature +/- 1F
  • Humidity +/- 2 %
  • Pressure +/- .00005ヤ H20


The Titan Series was designed to replace most types of ventilation controls. Many existing controls can be removed and replaced in a few hours. If your controls are outdated and in need of replacement, consider the advanced technology and money saving features of the Titan Series.

Field Wiring Requirements:

  • 120VAC power 20 awg. 2 conductor cable
  • Temperature and Humidity transducers Belden 9535 or equal
  • Analog Outputs Belden 9318 or equal
  • 2 wire communication Belden 9318 or equal
  • HatchNet Belden 3105A or equal

Control Advantages:

Unlike some other controls on the market, the Titan Series controller provides precise control using tight control parameters as shown below.
  • Temperature (10th of a degree)
  • Humidity (10th of a % relative humidity)
  • Pressure (100th of an モ of W.C.)


The Titan Control series can control many different control signal types including:
  • Electro-mechanical control
  • 2-10 and 0-10 VDC for modulating damper and valves

More information:

The Titan Series will give you more information than many other controllers, such as:
  • Display Damper Position Readout
  • Display Control Stages of Heat and Cooling
  • Display of Modulating Valve Position

Special Features:

  • Single Control for All Room Functions
  • NEMA 4X Enclosures
  • DXD Control for Fans and Dampers
  • PID Control Logic
  • De-Humidification Control
  • Room and Plenum Conditions Step Programming
  • Room Setback Functions for Energy Savings
  • Password Protected Touch Screen Interface
  • Rabbit Semiconductor
Display / Data Entry:
  • Color Touchscreen LCD 320 x 240 dpi
Operating Temp.:
  • -20ᄚC - 70ᄚC
  • Time and Date, with battery backup 3V Panasonic #CR2330
Power supply:
  • 120 or 220VAC - 50/60 Hz (12VA @ 2amps)
  • 2 wire communication to CIB100, HPC500, or HPC400 remote communication boards
  • 1 - NO alarm relay rated 10A
Sensor inputs:
  • 1 Temperature transducer
  • 1 - Humidity transducer (Optional)
  • 4 or 9 Parallel Series Temperature OR Humidity transducers (Optional)
  • 3 - Silicon die differential pressure (Optional)
Serial port:
  • Multi point RS 485


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