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Ingersoll-Rand compressors have been recognized as an industry leader since they began manufacturing in 1872.  Ingersoll is so confident of their product, they offer a 5 year parts warranty on many of their compressors.  Most units feature cast iron construction, factory mounted controls, gauges and safety features.  Hatchery Planning offers a complete system design which includes not only the copressor, but refrigerated air driers, after coolers, filters, ect. 

Standard Features

  • 5 - 50 horsepower
  • Rotary or reciprocating style
  • Base or tank mounted
  • 17 - 230 CFM
  • Cast Iron Construction
  • Belt drive
  • 5 year parts warranty on many models
  • Continuous run, load/no load inlet control
  • Air-cooled fluid cooler and aftercooler mounted and piped
  • Built to UL, CSA, and NEC standards

Optional Features

  • 200/230/575 volt motors
  • 50 cycle
  • Wye-Delta Reduced Voltage Starter
  • Heavy-duty Air Inlet Filter
  • TEFC and High-Efficiency Motors
  • NEMA 4 Controls
  • Modulation and Auto Dual/Auto Demand Control
  • Exceptionally Low Sound-Attenuated Cabinet
  • 120 and 200 Gallon ASME Code ReceiverTtanks
  • Lead/Lag Control


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