Disinfectant Fogger

Disinfectant Fogger
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Hatchery Planning offers a central disinfecting fogging system that is "state of the art". This is a self-contained unit that features automatic mixing of chemical and automatic fogging to help eliminate human error. The use of central high pressure piping prevents uneven fogging normally seen with manual systems.

This unit is normally piped directly into the incubator and hatcher machines. The unit produces a smoke like fog that has limited affect on the machine humidity. The unit is manufactured of high quality materials such as stainless steel. All units feature dual zone control and automatic chemical mixing. The system incorporates stainless steel nozzles and check valve assemblies to prevent dripping nozzles inside the machines. Hatchery Planning has provided these units worldwide with excellent results.

Let our team assist you with equipment choices, sizing and system design. We will then provide a system proposal for your hatchery. The service you receive will be unparalleled in the industry and it will continue long after the sale is complete.


Standard Features

  • S.S. Cabinet
  • Plastic Chemical Container
  • Automatic Chemical Mixture
  • 5 HP Direct Drive Pump
  • Pressure Regulation & Unload System
  • Electronic Programmable Timer
  • Multiple Zone Control
  • Control Panel w/ Auto/Manual Control
  • S.S. Nozzles
  • S.S. Check Valves
  • 1000 psi
  • Unlimited Nozzle Capabilities



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