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If plans for a new project or expansion arise Hatchery Planning is here to help put all of the pieces together. There are many factors that go into planning a project. Hatchery Planning has extensive experience with these decisions. Since we only work in the poultry / hatchery field we offer a higher level of understanding than many other engineering firms. There is no time spent training the engineers on how a hatchery works. Since we are specialized in the industry, we know proper hatchery flow, process and other considerations.


One of the first steps in a project is preparing the proper floor plan. The project may be as simple as adding a few machines to an existing building and as complex as a new hatchery facility. There are hundreds of questions and considerations to be addressed even during this stage. Considerations such as:

  • Overall Capacity
  • Phasing of the Project
  • Future Expansion Plans
  • Building Construction Types
  • Automation Considerations
  • Trucking Considerations
  • Number of Employees
  • Site Design
  • Security Issues


In the initial stages of any project a cost must be applied. Hatchery Planning has extensive experience in real costing of recent hatchery projects and in most cases a project similar to the one you are planning. Once the initial floor planning and scope of work have been designated, Hatchery Planning can develop a concise and complete project budget. Since we are in the mechanical and automation business, we can include the costs for all of these owner supplied items in the budgeting.
Our budgets will include the 16 divisions of any construction project, ventilation, automation, ancillary equipment, etc.


Once the contractor has been chosen and the final scope has been set, Hatchery Planning can modify or expand the bid package and convert this set of documents into a set of construction documents. This is a very important step since it is the scope of work for the contractor. This set of documents will consider any changes, deducts, alterations, etc. that were discussed during the bidding process.

From this point forward, these documents will be used for construction of the project. Any additions, deductions, changes, etc. are considered and treated as a change in scope. Change orders are a normal part of a construction process and many change orders result in a cost savings and not a cost increase. Other change orders can be owner directed like adding tile, changing materials choices, etc. Hatchery Planning will be responsible for maintaining these changes and work with the contractor and owner for cost additions or deductions. We will offer our expertise to qualify these change orders and act as the owner's representative throughout the construction process.


Hatchery Planning will assist you in the final scheduling of the project as well. It is a very hectic time at the end of a project to ensure that the incubation, chillers, boilers, automation, ventilation, etc. are all ready for start-up simultaneously. Our engineers and technicians will work directly with your contractors to assist you in this process.
Once the systems are operational, our technicians will work with your management and maintenance staff to train them on the systems in the facilities. The knowledge of how the complete building systems work is one of the most important assets you can have.


Hatchery Planning offers a full bid package for our customers. Once the budget is considered and approved, Hatchery Planning will develop a set of bid documents for the contractors. This bid package will be complete with all engineering, prints, specifications and other documentation needed. Our service does not stop at engineering. We will issues these drawings to several construction companies selected by the owner. During the bidding time, Hatchery Planning engineers will field questions from the bidding contractors. This will ensure that all bids are equal in scope. We will issue any addendums and alterations to the package as needed during the bidding and keep all bidders informed of the scope.
At the request of the owner, Hatchery Planning can receive the construction bids and qualify and organize these bids in a concise format for review with the owner. This process ensures that all bids are equal in scope and all possible deducts or additions are considered.


Hatchery Planning provides construction management services throughout the project. This includes sometimes daily communications with the contractors, questions from the sub-contractor, project meeting coordination, project site visits as required, equipment scheduling, etc.
A construction project should not get in the way of day to day operations in a hatchery. We are the owner's eyes and ears on the project to ensure the project is a success.


When you use the Hatchery Planning Design service you receive the expertise of the most experienced complete hatchery designer in the world. We act as the owner's representative throughout the project and deal with the day to day issues of a project allowing yo to continue your normal daily responsibilities.

Hatchery planning company has been the design group for 78% of the USA hatchery projects during the past 11 years. These include new hatcheries and expansions. Numerous other design services have also been provided for mechanical and automation systems worldwide.


Hatchery Planning Company has specialized in the design of poultry hatcheries for over fifty years. If you are considering the construction of a new facility, or the renovation or expansion of an existing hatchery, Hatchery Planning Company can provide the design services, technical expertise, equipment, and support necessary for on-time completion.

With extensive mechanical and automation experience we are able to finalize floor planning with all processing equipment and building flows considered. After this stage is complete we can provide project budgets, engineering services and construction coordination throughout the project. Our primary objective is to provide our clients with quality assured products and services that exceed their expectations.


One Single Source for:

  • Initial Project Consultation
  • Initial Floor Planning
  • Project Budgeting
  • Project Bid Review
  • Construction Documents / Specifications
  • Project Management
  • Project Start-up Services

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